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Here’s why direct mail is hot and how your business can use it effectively.

Direct mail has proven its valve time and time again. Statistics proves it often yields greater results than digital because its tangibility. Direct mail also offers trust building, personalization, cost-effectiveness, and more.

Why is direct mail so hot? One reason is a higher trust factor. Younger consumers don’t associate direct mail with “junk mail” They’re more likely to attach that label to email.

Direct mail can be more effective. A recent study by SBA found direct mail campaigns generate purchases five times larger than email campaigns. Combining email with direct mail led to the best results of all

Direct mail stands out. People get hundreds of emails a day but only a few pieces of actual mail, notes one marketer quoted by Vox. In the same way digital-first companies such as War by Parker and Glossier have begun opening physical stores to create a special experience, sending physical mail is a way to stand out from the crowd.

Direct mail is more shareable. Unlike email that goes to one-person, physical mail goes to a household. Since direct mail is always possibly lying around in someone’s house, you can be sure that their family or friends have seen it too. This makes it easily shareable and leads to better brand awareness. Direct mail also has a longer lifespan since it does not get lost in the thousands of promotional emails your prospects have left untouched in their inbox.

Direct mail has a longer lifespan. Email has a lifespan of just a few seconds, Retail Wire reports, while direct mail’s average lifespan is 17 days.

Style it right. If you’re trying to attract millennial consumers, think of your direct mail pieces as physical Instagram posts. Keep the text brief, the layout streamlined and the photography eye-catching.


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