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1. Direct mail does not require opt-in

Unlike email and text messaging, you do not have to get a recipient’s permission to send them direct mail. This means, even if a customer does not subscribe or unsubscribes from your email list, you can still get in touch with them

2. Which is more memorable?

Only 44% of people could recall the brand directly after seeing a digital ad, whereas 75% could directly after receiving direct mail.

3. Direct mail stays effective longer than you think

Direct mail is a bit like a note on the refrigerator door. “We sometimes hear from customers that our mail stays on their desk for weeks
“They may not immediately take action, but our brand lingers until they are ready to contact us. An e-mail does not last as well – and is far less striking.”

4. It’s still effective when the target recipient has moved on

“If you send an email to someone who’s no longer at that email address, it bounces back, If you send a Direct Mail Piece, someone home and they moved, the new owners will sees it — and you’ve just introduced yourself and your company.

5. With direct mail you do not have to fight to get attention

E-mail is effective, but also overwhelming. In 2020, The Radicati Group concluded that the average business customer sends or receives 121 emails per day. The overwhelming deluge of e-mail in the office is a solid hurdle for e-mail marketers. It is difficult to distinguish the mess from the real mails, so that a large part of business e-mails is not read at all. By contrast, people receive much less marketing by mail than ten years ago – a unique advantage for direct mail.

6. Direct mail Gets Opened & Read

Imagine walking out to your mailbox and bring back a stack of mail inside. Do you immediately throw it all in the trash, or scan it to see what you received? If you scan or read through each piece, you are not alone. In fact, 90% of direct mail gets opened or seen, compared to only 20-30% of emails. This means the vast majority of recipients will see your direct marketing message, more than any other medium.

7. Advertising mail is kept in a household for 17 days on average

If you were wondering why direct mail works, here’s your answer. Direct mail stats show that people tend to throw out advertising mail after 17 days. This gives all members of the household plenty of time to review it and take action.

8. 73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want

Leads love to be nurtured. Consumers like having a relationship with their favorite brands, but not based on the brand’s marketing schedule. For example, they hate it when they’re browsing the web and all of a sudden, an ad appears. They want to be able to learn what’s new with the brand they support at their own convenience. Direct mail marketing statistics show that the majority of US consumers prefer direct mail as a method of communication with their favorite brands because they can review it when they see fit.

9. 57% of email addresses are abandoned because the users receives too many marketing emails.

Getting through to customers via email can prove challenging. When consumers start receiving too many unwanted emails, they simply abandon that email address and create a new one. It costs them nothing and it makes a lot of dead leads for marketers. Direct mailing advertising, however, are more reliable. After all, people do not move house because their mailbox is overflowing

10. When asked, “Which is more effective at getting you to take action?” 72% of millennials said direct mail, while 28% said email.

Millennials spend their days glued to their phones. And while it would be easier to visit a website after seeing an email, they report that postal mail inspires them to take action more often than email. The Wall Street Journal reports direct mail marketing statistics indicate that 72% of millennials consider postal mail effective in getting them to visit a website, go to a store, or make a purchase. Only 28% said the same of email.

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