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Need to know how to enhance your visibility with direct mail marketing?

Although it is one of the oldest forms of marketing, Direct mail marketing remains the best way to directly let your current customers and new prospects know what value your business, products, or services have to offer. Why should they buy from you? How can they find where your business is?

How can they purchase your products? What benefits will they get from buying from you? While your direct mail advertisement may answer all the questions above,

here’s the catch: YOU STILL HAVE TO GET NOTICED! In the daily array of mail that reaches people’s homes, several businesses are competing with you for visibility, and that’s where The Monster Mailer comes in.

Direct Mail is harder to ignore

People can easily ignore their emails (including emails they want to receive), automatically spam emails, use ad-blockers, and more. They may also need to provide you with their explicit permission to send them text messages.

However, there is one place that you can reach them where they PREFER to be reached – the mailbox. As a result, direct mail is still critical in this digital age.

The oversized “Monster Mailer” cuts through the clutter

Nothing cuts through the clutter of mailboxes better than THE MONSTER MAILER™.

It’s BIG:

Stand out past all the bills! Prospects are 35% more likely to respond to an oversized mail piece. The Monster Mailer™ comes in the mailbox in 9” x 12”, which opens into a massive 18” X 24” advertisement.

There are not many monthly mailers bigger than The MONSTER MAILER™ that still fit perfectly in mailboxes.

It’s Effective:

Stopping power is crucial. THE MONSTER MAILER™ has the real estate to display your offers, bigger and bolder and make it POP. Our monthly mailer was designed to turn a 3-second reader into a 30-second reader, capturing the attention of your audience.

Mail in general, particularly THE MONSTER MAILER, has an advantage in getting consumers to spend more time reviewing your advertisement.

It’s Affordable:

THE MONSTER MAILER is the perfect fit for the mailbox and your budget. With a cost of only a few pennies per household. All-inclusive pricing.

No contracts or hidden fees and we Guarantee your success When you must stand out, THE MONSTER MAILER is the piece you can use to find a balance between efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-to-ROI.

Dominate your market with THE MONSTER MAILER’s powerful direct mail marketing solutions

Make a memorable 1:1 engagement.

Direct mail marketing continues to perform as other media formats falter due to ad filtering and changing consumer habits. The ability to target individuals with increased accuracy while still requiring the recipient to evaluate the material is a powerful combination for getting noticed.

We follow the 40/40/20 strategy for effective mail campaigns.

40% is based on the strength of your offer, 40% is your targeting audience, and 20% is the creative design of your mailer. Paying close attention and optimizing each of these key areas for each campaign is a critical part of how we achieve superior RESULTS.

Increase Your Direct Mail Campaign RESULTS by 23-46% with the Monster Mailer ™

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