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A: DFW Target Marketing is a thriving direct mail marketing company that helps grow local businesses by putting their product or service into the hands of consumers in their area. Stand out past all the bills! Prospects are 35% more likely to respond to an oversized mail piece. The Monster Mailer™ comes in the mailbox in 9”x12”, which opens into a massive 18” X 24” advertisement which is like no other.

A: Click on the “Contact Us” link at the top of the navigation bar. You will simply submit your contact information. Your local Monster Mailer consultant will contact you back shortly, or you can call us (972) 346-5200 directly.

A: The success of your Monster Mailer campaign is based on many different factors.  Such factors include: Your category type, the number of times you mail, the strength of your offer, the design of our Monster Mailer stands out above the competition 95% of people who receive it view it compared to the standard envelope full of the same old ads. We only promote one type of business per mailing, so you will always stand out.

A: Pricing will depend on a variety factors however a typical Monster Mailer direct marketing campaign will cost a few pennies per household.  Our proven and affordable turnkey program allows businesses to reach their target audience for pennies.  

A: People get hundreds of emails a day but only a few pieces of actual mail, sending physical mail is a way to stand out from the crowd.

A: We mail to each zip code at least once a month. 

A: Direct mail helps you target customers in your area, no calling, knocking or guessing. It’s affordable, no need to spend thousands to get good results. The Monster Mailer has campaigns for any size budget. Most importantly it is effective with its eye-popping oversized mailer.

A: One survey asked more than 1,600 small business owners what causes their insomnia. By more than three times, getting more customers was their greatest concern. One owner stated, “Getting more customers is definitely the number one issue that keeps us up at night…the key to success for us is achieving new customers and revenue.”

Another report cites, “For the third consecutive quarter, business owners highlighted attracting customers and new business” as their top challenge.

Yet another survey showed – “Finding new customers can be hard, especially when you’re busy running your business.

If you want to succeed, you must get the attention of people who have no idea you even exist!

DFW Target Marketing can help you build your customer base. Direct mail is effective. It has a response rate more than 30 times greater than email. Unlike email, many of which go directly into a spam folder, direct mail gets noticed. Your mail piece is your mobile billboard. We can place your message directly in front of the audience you wish to reach.

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